• U predicted it haha, I really fell asleep, but waking up to your messages made my heart melt haha. Your username was "guy". I really want to talk to you again, so I really hope you see this.

  • Hi Jocelyn. Apologies, as I may have the wrong person, but are you the Voleyball playing Baker, with the Nova Scoatia Duck Tollong Retriver from Germany, who likes minecraft?

    If so, I'm not Guy, but Conor, AKA That Guy Who Maintains Unnecessarily Long Eye Contact With You In The Local Mall. The connection dropped and I accidentally hit "new chat" because I'm an idiot.

    Please get back to me if it so you, becuase you were really fun to talk to.

    If it's not you, then sorry for wasting your time and good luck finding Guy!


  • Oh my gid it's meeee

  • @Tiramisu omg yes that's actually me