Anyone else stuck indoors, with next to nothing to do?

  • If so, what are you doing to keep yourself entertained? Are you living the Hermit's dream in quarantine, or are you struggling to maintain meetyour sanity?

  • I think that you can entertain yourself with anything. I used to follow which was a perfect place to have a good time. I used to spend time with my friends there and it was really cool!
    I like the overall atmosphere, decorations and everything was pretty fine!

  • Yes, for the last 3 month I am stuck at home but not getting bore. I am playing various video games on my laptop. Most of the time I play PUBG, Its my favorite game so far, in fact, I never tried to play this game, I especially bought a standing desk to play this game from FlexiSpot Coupons, well I also suggest you to start playing video games, it will help you to spend good time.

  • This post is deleted!

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