• Had My Mind Fucking Blown!
    Had this amazing Madlad, chatted for over an hour. It was like talking to the most amazing and wonderfull guy ever, only 16 years old. So amazing and a true man of culture.
    Suddenly said it was nice talking to and added All was true but the GENDER!
    She was a GIRL.
    If you ever see this (god i hope so), Know that You have left me in an Awe of the entire life.
    Youre the best Human being I have ever talked with. I so so miss you.
    As I said youre the Tomboy of the century.

  • Soul Searchers

    @Raiyan just wanted to say, the shear fact that there is someone who can leave this kind of impact on this site gives me hope for chat sites

    Not much but still hope is hope

  • Live Chat Regulars Soul Searchers Music Lovers

    @Raiyan There are quite a number of good people here on chats, you just have to have patience. And quite a lot of it! 🙂 I even met a mature girl of 10, that speaks about topics that even most adults wouldn't wanna talk about!

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