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  • Everyone has different Interpretations of what Emotions are to them, but specifically for me; they're something created from your mind force by a reaction caused of an action made by anything or anyone or yourself. This creation of the feeling you create, allows your mind to process and think of the reaction to make. It's basically like a game of Hide and seek, wether you hide the emotion or seek the attention of it, the game continues. Anotherthing would be pain or anything physically touching the body, wether It's temperature or cuts or anything rough; the body will send a message to your brain, allowing it to make a reaction and deal the situation. To me, emotions are like a command you make from different point of view of things, so if you think about it, it's always and will be created from are minds and soul.

  • my opinion,just a mere opinion

    what i remember from what i read but not clearly:emotion is a chemical substance that being release from the brain that collect the data from all the sensors.

    my thought: i believe human core are brain and mind

    brain will act as a computer, interpret and release according from what he get from all the sensors.if the sensors get something good from a good surrounding just enough without being too much or less than the brain will have the probability to release a good emotion.
    still,before the emotion release,the mind that control the brain will determine the emotion.thats why i said, a good surrounding will have a higher probability to release a good emotion but will not determine the real outcome.
    for me, a good mind is a hardy mind from a hard soul.a soul that being cultivated by a good experience,observation and understanding that growth along the age will form a positive hard soul.
    so when brain already process the data,now the mind will determine the conclusion for the overall of the data.
    example: Janine praise Rose from being beautiful as she win as the heartthrob of the night but because Rose have lack of confident,she feel pessimist and feel Janine just mocking her thus she is feeling gloomy and depress.

    in conclusion i think emotion is the data that being collected in the brain and binge determined by the mind.

    im just guessing with my imagination.sorry if im wrong

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