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    I have met and chatted with a lot of fabulous and wonderful friends I have made along the way, I have replied and posted a lot and am grateful for the existence of this page...

    However, I can apparently see that the darker side lies in online chatting. Not to be taken wrong, I have myself met and made around 2 or 3 friends over chats, but the rest just disappear after you chat with them, lest they have an account here...Also, I have interacted with guys who are not interested to talk to guys, perverted dirtbags, who try to lure you, shamefully, into sexting, and ironically, the existence of a single girl out of a dozen members on the chat room mentioned 'Chat With Girls'...
    A lot of people come over here for romance and stuff..I don't blame them for being single! But before beginning romance, shouldn't one have friends first, to share his feelings with, and to interact with him as he was one's own neighbour in the small world one lives in? I personally give friendship priority over companionship, just because friends last throughout, but you never know when a companion is full of you...idk, just a thought, tbh...

    Anyways, I feel that this website is being much more misused for sexting, nudism and stuff, and that, for me, is not playing right with the norms of this website as primarily a website for meeting strangers and making new friends!

    What are your thoughts??

  • this place is a freaks wet dream man

  • Banned

    @Johannes-Julians I'd love to get to know you better

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