• Hello. My name is Mars, 26ye and I am from Russia. There was a desire to communicate with speakers of different languages. First of all, I'm interested in English and Japanese. But I am open to suggestions. For me, there are no forbidden topics, so we can talk about everything. I am fond of DnD, I work as a dungeon master in one of Moscow cafes, I love games, and sometimes I write stories. I love series, films, anime. And I also cook very well x) I am ready to help with the Russian language because of my abilities. If you are interested, you can send me a magic dove with a letter to the mail: [email protected]

  • hi there 🙂

  • hi how are u ........... i new here

  • Banned

    @TineeJune 💞💞
    Hello dear
    Hi dear 💙💙
    How are you Jasmine 😁💚
    I'm Micheal , Maybe you don't remember me 😜💜
    Do you feel some improvement ? 😌💗
    And I hope that your foot has become fine 😄❤
    If you like, you can follow me because I'm looking forward to be your best friend 💕❣💛♥💕
    I like you

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