• I am not sure if I am a big coward of if it is normal, but I feel like showing up my real face around here at least for now seems like a bad idea... Can you guys (at least the ones using real pictures are profile pics) tell how did you do it? And if possible, could you tell me the pros and cons of it? Hihihihihihihihi

    Maybe I am just a coward lol

    PS: I did it briefly yesterday but I got nervous and got back to this one pfp.

  • @Silver-Vulpina If you are a guy it's not a big deal and actually would be refreshing since 90% of the guys don't have photos. The pros for ME is people get to see who they are talking to. The cons for ME is people get to see who they are talking to, lol. I guess some guys just don't know how to talk to women and a lot of what they say is INSANE, lol. But I refuse to censor myself because some men can't control themselves. I wouldn't worry about it too much and whatever you decide is up to you. 😊 😊 😊

  • @Hyde 😂😂😂 He wanted to marry you?!?! That is too funny. I've had guys say they love me and want to be my bf after only speaking for a few minutes. I don't get it. I don't know if it's just been too long since I've dated or the guys nowadays are a bit off, haha. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • @Silver-Vulpina I have my irl pic in and i am not sure if it's good or bad but who cares what others mind and think nobody can tell you what icon you have now you have it and when you feeling good with it present yourself proud because thats you it isn't weird or wrong ~
    you could also have a pic from a flying pink elephant or an butt nobody cares rly :)
    nobody is a coward cause of that and i really liked your new pfp :) also i like your kitsune-chan one i don't mind :) see i have a bonbon in my hands on my pic i am also coward and weird or ? :dash:
    don't blame yourself for a beautiful picture

    the pro would be peoples knowing wich who they talk i guess

    and cons that everyone knows how ya look but rly there are less cons

  • @Gemini_Beta Good words i would say you're right
    guys have it easier as womans but not all guys..
    I mean peoples think i am female cause of my picture xD I know how you feel

  • @Hyde Well girls are more likely to still have a conversation with a guy even if they don't have a photo up. We are willing to get to know a persons personality. But it may just be the type of guys that are on here. Not all but a lot. 😊😊 LOL, they think you are a girl? Haha. See they won't even take 30 seconds to look at your profile to see that you are a male! Lol. 😂😂😂

  • @Gemini_Beta you're right
    and yes the last one was wanting to marry me :O i am no sure if i really want an australian boy to be my husband x)
    and yes some don't look i take my time looking on profile and read them before i follow back i don't follow all peoples back who follow me
    but seriously males can be odd and stupid and weird (I am one myself i have to know that)
    thats why i can talk better to womans , more brain, better listeners and rly showing more emotions and i am kind of shy and sensitive + i read behind the words ~

  • @Silver-Vulpina you haven't been here that long so you will see. Lol. Quite a few good people left recently because of it. Although I talk about it I don't let it effect me like others. I'm only here to chat with people all over the world and MAYBE make friends. Some folks on here take it to seriously, lol. 😊 😊

  • @Silver-Vulpina
    Oh you definitely will get harassment, lol. But there are also a good amount of awesome people on here that just like to chat. The way I look at it as I'm not going to censor myself because some men can't control themselves. There is also the block button haha. Ultimately it's up to you what you want to do. 😊 😊 😊

  • @Silver-Vulpina
    Yea, that was probably most of the reason. They let it get to them and cared too much. 🤷‍♀️ Oh I know about the chat rooms haah. This place is cool tho, kind of reminds me of MySpace, haha. I'm old. But ignoring is the best policy because just like I don't want to be censored I don't feel others should either. But that's just me and I totally respect others opinions, haha. I hope you hang in there and if you ever need anything feel free to hit me up. 😊😊😊

  • @Hyde 😂 The good ole days. A much simpler time for sure.

  • @Gemini_Beta hahahahaha I agree with all you said there, you are smart huh? Great advices for men and women.

  • @Gemini_Beta some are really off believe me they saying 'I love you' and it means 'can i fuck u?' it's guy'ish language xDD
    and yes he wanted me to pack my suitcase and flee with him to australia to marry him ! : D
    not an option for me and not a goal to realize i won't marry a male one even i am not against homo-love :) am more into girls but i think it is respectless talking like that to a woman
    I grown up as a single child and my mother had enough time showing me what womans are and how womans to being hadled :)

  • @Gemini_Beta but I got to say I am a bit scared of being harassed by horny dudes and the sort you know... Showing my face would definitely instigate some of that. Not that I am SUPER ATTRACTIVE or anything like that's but since I am a girl, I bet that's enough for that to happen... uwu

  • @Gemini_Beta oh... Good to know about this block button. I wasn't aware of it. Also, yeah, I managed to see some people announcing their departure from this site and some people saying they were going to take a break. I guess after a while people start getting really connected with people here, and they start to feel like this is, in some ways, a part of their real life... Not sure if this makes much sense, but in my mind it does (lol), so they get really invested in how this site should be. I mean, yeah, by the looks of it, it could use a little less hornyness and creepiness, but this is the internet after all... Also... There are some random racist people floating around the pub chat, so... Be advised. Hihihihihi. But I love this place so far.

  • @Silver-Vulpina same for me :) I am here if ya need me same for Gemini-chan

  • @Silver-Vulpina Yes, MySpace! 😂😂😂

  • @Gemini_Beta @Hyde can't wait to talk more with you two but I must go to sleep... 4am here and I shouldn't be awake rn lol. See you when I wake up later today. :3

  • @Hyde lol I don't think my profile is still up. I haven't used it since 2005! The real MVP tho was AIM! OMG!

  • If any guys try to get weird just block them :/....no one needs that weird stuff, sadly the online world is just full of it but yes also never really show your face less you are comfortable to do so :) personally i just use my fox pic cuz...well....its just what i do XD

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