South africa female 40 mixed, ithaca, nyc, texas

  • Hi! South africa female 40, I'm from NYC and Texas, it was a pleasure speaking to you, message me we can be in contact, we were talking about housing lol you are beautiful by the way! I'm sorry I got disconnected

  • Hello Missann

    It is me the chick from S.A, just as I shown you my pic you vanished I thought I did a Kim Kardashian and broke the net lol. Hope to chat to you soon 🙂

  • OMG i wasn't sure if you would find me here but just thought i would try. I'm sooo glad!! This is great. yeah i think you did break the net hahah but no i was in the middle of writing you back and then clicked something wrong on my phone. sending you my email, if you don't get it let me know!!

  • oh wait, follow my missann account here and then i am allowed to Direct Message you , i wanna send you my email on there, talk to you later 🙂

  • sry can delete it

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