• Although I may have played my fair share of games and I even worked for a game company, I do not really consider myself a gamer. In fact, I prefer and absolutely love to watch other people play them. That is why I mostly find myself watching Let's Plays on YouTube.

    At the moment, I am completely obsessed (exaggeration to a certain point but relatively true) with the game Fire Emblem Three Houses. So, I was wondering if there is anyone who shares my love for this game and would like to chat about it? It is to note that I have not seen the entire game. I got to the part that is not much longer after the time skip, so no spoilers, please.

    I would also like to warn you that my focus on videogames is mostly the story and it's characters, so I might not be the right person to talk about the game mechanics themselves or strategies.

    If you may want to talk about the game play itself, we could talk about Moonlighter. I've yet to beat the 3rd boss and it's giving me such a hard time!

    To end this post, it's mostly an invitation for people to talk about videogames in general really.

  • it looks like an amazing game that i would love to try honestly, sadly i own a potato PC so my limit when it comes to modern games stopped at Skyrim and Assassins creed 3 and Dishonored 1...i'm missing on a LOT seriously ;-;

    but yea i also really love story driven games where it's a combination of a game and cool fantasy move/TV show at the same time..but also love game that let you control your own story not just go with what's written..both types are just amazing and i could lose myself for hours playing both types

  • How far does videogames contribute in our inner world?

  • @Kaior911 Oh man. I actually understand you so well right now! As I had written in my post, I used to work for a game company and it was there that I got the opportunity to play videogames because I don't have a computer/laptop/console at home. Now I changed jobs and I'm dying to get back on at game I had started and, just like you said, there are so many we're missing out on. (T^T)

    Dishonoured was pretty gosh darn cool. Which route where you going with? Were you chaotic or did you try to be stealthy? Not even to save my own life would I be able to be proper stealthy in a videogame. XD I go straight in for the kill. I'm kind of the tank type who focuses on HP, armour and strenght.

  • @Alecsandra actually i'm more of a stealthy/rogue assassins guy in my games but in Dishonored i went the stealth route where u kill every single person so one would notice you're there...worked like a charm for me u.u

  • @Wanderer487 If you mean "Inner World" as in yourself, I would say it has the potential to contribute a lot. In fact, a lot of people find it as a safe place, maybe just something they use to relax, some may even use it as a form of expressing themselves, others may use it merely for entertainment, and so on. There are many reasons why people like videogames and I would say the have a very positive impact on you. In fact, I've often found myself inspired and motivated from videogames and it sometimes even made me forget about my worries.

    If you meant a contribution to the world itself, I would say it does have a good impact on the world, since it can bring people together and for the reasons mentioned above.

    I'm not saying that there aren't negative parts about the videogames community but that it the case with many things. It's up to the user to put it to good use.

  • @Kaior911 I respect that so much! Since I cannot really do it myself, I consider you pretty cool for pulling that off.

  • @Alecsandra yes i agree , it is how the user put it into good use , but its just recently i came across the dark side of gaming industry(i wouldnt target Roblox maybe) and it is kinda scary though , especially for the new generation , to say though it is up to the user to put into good use , but in reality to what extent is that really happening