• seriously? i will be nice and not name the name. but im in a chat and she just says "im mary, and you"?
    this proves you are NOT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO WHO YOU ARE SPEAKING WITH. and thats when i keep walking. seriously, is the human race getting to where i appreciate those animals in cages we pay money to see more than them?

  • Don't get so upset about it.. people use nicknames and maybe she just wanted to know your real name and she wasn't sure that Mike was your real name. I'm MoonyCat but that's not my real name

  • did you read that b4 you posted? so i would just randonmly come up with "mike" when i have many many other options for a name? ok then

  • I dunnooo! Maybe you like anime or movies and there's a character that you like and he's named Mike, and you wanted to use the name.
    But that's not important, just don't get too upset about it! And don't let anything surprise you!! 🦊