has anyone ever found true love through a complete stranger on here?

  • i am new here and maybe thats not exactly all i am looking for. but i have always wondered if it is possible simply because so many people laff at the idea and shoot it down. i feel if 2 strangers on the net met, and bonded and held that for years in front of all the naysayers, then that's a big FU to the rest of the world who thinks you have to do it "right way". so any marriages through here or yrs together or even someone making the trek to meet that someone they talked on here w/. i am agrown man who is basically born in the wrong era. i still beleive in dating and courtship and MOMENTS instead of things. a world i feel moves too fast for me. when everyone wants STUFF to buy more of that they dont need and tells me the world i live in is boring, when i look at the night sky each time and i am mesmerized. to share that with a special someone is my missing puzzle piece moment in life. later

  • guess not

  • Online relationships are made easily, but to have two people that live far from each other and stay together and find true love... Its like a needle in a haystack, i gave up on online dating and whatnot a long time ago, since women need the guy to be there at all times, long distance relationships do not work, and if you have a job that requires you to be gone at times, that doesnt work either. Best bet is to go out there and find someone near.