• A 32 year old Registered Nurse In North America . I've lived one hell of a life in my 32 years, enough to last 5 life times. I've enjoyed the best life has to offer (love, companionship, family, happiness, victory, inner peace, and redemption) and I've endured some of the worst life has to offer including first hand experience with absolute terror, tragedy, horror, death, divorce, broken heart, addiction, night life, and . . . i'm down to answer almost anything.

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    @Lindsey do you believe that extraterestrials are already among us? And if so, do you think that the extraterestrials have relations with the worlds beliefs and the governments?

  • @Devil-Tag Not in the slightest, I believe if they were amongst us they wouldn't be so discreet, but as far as the existence of them over all. . .im not sure, its a big universe and theres something kinda lonely thinking that in vast frontier of all of space that we are alone.

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    @Lindsey what are your views on demonic exorcism? Do you think it's just a mental illness? Or something paranormal ?

  • @Devil-Tag I'm not sure if id be able to chalk it up to either mental health or paranormal, but if im being honest I'm open to believing in the legitimacy of possession by some demonic malevolent entity or spirt.

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    @Lindsey some even believe that the case are more related to some kind of extraterestrials beings since all beliefs practice exorcisms:

  • @Lindsey Is today a good day for a museum?

  • @Lindsey In moments of great weakness, what gave you the strength to carry on?

  • I do not envy anyone who has chosen a life in any kind of medical field But so glad there are those who do. It is like you are at the front door and back door of life seeing the worst and so little of the good in us all. At this time of year, we all seem to forget those who put aside their own lives to look after ours. So no real question to you just my thanks for being who you are :)

  • @Alexander_96 not today, too many crowds on Sundays. Now Tuesday, thats a day for the museum.

  • @Ladydoall30 oh wow, idk what to say. I'm a little speechless, first and foremost, thank you thats very sweet of you to say. It's worth all he student loan debt, sleep loss, and lack of social life to play a small part in someone recovery.

  • @Silhouette Honest answer, just digging deep and pushing through moments of weakness no matter how difficult because failure was never an option. With no plan B, you'll do whatever it takes to endure, because theres no choice. Ultimately no one but myself was going to get myself through it. idk if that makes sense

  • @Lindsey how did u manage to overcome ,when someone broke ur heart.

  • @Lindsey It does make sense. That's a good philosophy to have in life, very admirable.

  • @Naik Bravo! that is an excellent question. Brace yourself, it my answer may or may not make sense, but I'll do my best to break it down. Its a chronological 3 part answer, hope thats ok.

    So after the initial heart break, i tried to keep myself distract and tried not to think about it, it helped at first, but then I got some incredible advice, my girlfriend advised me not to distract myself or run away from the pain, but to run towards it. To accept the heart break and to be sad, be angry, be confused, be broken, utterly and completely broken. She stetted the importance of embracing that pain and feeling it to my very core. So once i had, I would have exhausted those emotions and would be able to carry on. And you know that was the best piece of advise anyone has ever given me. it worked.

    Secondly, I came to terms with my broken heart and had accepted it, but I still had lingering feelings that weren't doing me any good, and thats when I remembered something my psych II professor had stated once in class and it stuck out at then. It was jarring to hear him say "You wanna know how to fall out of love?" and with that he had my full attention "Focus on all the negative characteristics, beliefs, and behaviors." and so I did, I didn't realize how much i overlooked because of my feelings for this person and that very quickly snowballed till all the lingering sentimental feelings were gone.

    lastly, as much as i wanted to keep to myself, stay home, just being a hermit, I started reaching out to friends, good friends, friends that I hadn't spent as much time as I would have liked, and i leaned on them, we went out to grab a bite, drinks, dancing. I didn't know then, but it was important to be social and in good company because ultimately while i was hesitant, they reintroduced me to happinesss. Hanging out and going out with different friends reacquainted me with things i enjoyed, things that were fun, and i think post break up I needed to be reminded of what it felt like to be happy.

    and thats how I mended my broken heart. I hope that answer wasn't too lengthy

  • @Lindsey What's your favorite place you have visited?

  • Without a doubt, Ireland. I fell in love with the people, the history, and just how gorgeous and green the country is.

  • @Lindsey hey😜