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    I think Tag is creating another scene like he is great in another place. I am annoying af but i never harassed religion in public like this 😂 also he said that he is such a good creator. lol

    So please banned him 😏

    Screenshot_2019-12-14-14-38-27-842_com.android.chrome.jpg Screenshot_2019-12-14-14-40-07-997_com.android.chrome.jpg Screenshot_2019-12-14-14-38-03-281_com.android.chrome.jpg

    Hello @TagC i am doing as you wish.

  • @Nibba_GA u TRIGGERED LMFAO dood

  • @Nibba_GA @Nibba_GA first off, its fine, man i fcking understand. second thing, idfc if silly is gae or not but i feel like hes not acting normal these days, is he in love or whatever? next, if jess aint happy wit her job, might as well she leaves it bec in the end, it will affect her performance at work and lastly, tag is tag so yeah im talking nonsense here lmfao

  • @TagC
    Tag nobody bans you for telling the truth,they ban you because you randomly decide to go on rants about religion when religion is completely irrelevant to the conversation.
    Not to mention all the unnecessary insults to people that didn't deserve it

  • @Heinz i love to have such fucc up things with @TagC btw 😂

    P. S. @Silly_Boi is actually gay, see that? He wants tag lol
    P. S. S. @Jesssssss is tired af but she is doing good in her job

  • @Live-Chat-Moderators

    its hero time


  • @Sup I WILL BEAT YO ASS SUP 😏 we aint bruh anymore.

  • Banned

    Banning users for telling the truth will not make you a hero
    Free speech is a lie and it never really exist.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    If I take sides with tag would that make us a tag team?

  • @DIVine said in To Almighty Moderator of TWS:


    its hero time


    now you go your hero time, fake div 😏

  • Banned

    @Nibba_GA there is nothing heroic on your act but to sugarcoat the real truth that every belief are trying to hide the real truth

  • Banned

    @Nibba_GA sure, like I said there is no free speech in this site, you are just trying to hide the truth and fear of the afterlife
    The more I try to tell the truth, the more likely you will ban me,where is free will and free speech in that?
    "never surrender, not even in the face of armageddon" rorscach

  • Banned

    @TagC in the end, the only one who can't reasons are the one who tries to hide the truth

  • Banned

    @Nibba_GA reporting and banning is the only option you give
    You're just trying to hide the truth
    You're ignoring everything
    By banning means you are not up for debate and fear of the real truth
    You can report and ban much as you want but the truth is you are afraid to know the real truth behind everything and that's what you are lacking right now
    This is one of the reason why religous people cannot think out of the box that is outside the box itself.
    Even OSHO is against belief because of this reason:

  • @Sup
    Super tag team

  • @Heinz first of all yes @Silly_Boi is kind of busy with something in reality that he should deal with. I can not explain you more but it is bothering him like A LOT.
    Second, @Jesssssss is indeed cool as a mod i live chat coz she is like super sayan or goku to fight such spammers and haters of live chat.
    Third, you re just confuse. I understand. So no worries 😂

  • @Nibba_GA
    I'm not hero this time 😂😅

  • @TagC 😏 i said no more acting like dumbass in everywhere about your own shit you wanna spill out. You ignored that. I was banned you as an action to remind you, no more nonsense shit things and we all not pay any intentions. Till all of time you are back, you always be like that. This is not heroic action. This is a reminder if you are not well behave, you will be banned again (just saying). If i were you, when i got banned, i would not have any reasons to be here. I would stay busy and no more tws. 😂 like WTF i have to be back after i got banned?

    Btw should i report you (again) 😂

  • @Heinz hmm nah im straight yeah im sorry i never comes here cuz i didnt have any topic to talk. And so i was tried to learn more better english with @Nibba_GA to be good speaker 😂😂

  • @TagC 😂 did i ever said something in bible or koran things? Nah i am not a preacher like WTF I HAVE TO MENTION that things meanwhile i am not that religious? 😂

    You are the one who loves to say nonsense shit and spill it out, like you love dramas about religion and we all like "hell tag, do you have other topic like makes sense enough?" 😂

    I am such a fucc boii and a dumbass too. I am acting like retarded and idiot but i never did something like you did 😂 like WTF?

    Should i say report you now or you want to behave this time?

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