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    Well, im not a therapist, but u can rant all u want to me and ill try my best lol

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    idek2019 hahaha.. you way too funny... haha

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    @Keimitsu but u kill yourself from the inside out if u continue to do that. youre gonna have to tell someone eventually, and even if it doesnt solve the problem, it will release a lot of stress that youre puting yourself through. try considering telling the therapist for your own sake and health

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    @Keimitsu its not about her being able to help u, its about helping yourself. the only one who can release u from this pain is u, and being able to tell her would be a step in the right direction towards reducing the anxiety that has built up inside of u from your situation

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    @Keimitsu well sometimes u gotta consider their situation too, like was she going through any familial problems, or any personal problems? or maybe her parents didnt want her to be in a relationship with anyone yet. remember, every day is different and whatever u went through yesterday or before is history. we as human beings just have to continue moving forward take what we can get from the present, and use that as experience for what lies ahead in the future. who knows? u may meet someone on the way who is even better than "that girl" :+1:

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    @Keimitsu thats good. keep trying for your sake. remembering her is ruining your health, and u have to do something about it. try doing things u know that take u away from your problems for a bit, like meditating, praying, or even napping. I hope u feel better, and i hope this conversation helped your situation :+1:

  • @idek2019 ok thankyou so much 😊😊

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    Hey thanks for following me!!! I hope we get to know each other. You seem like a very sweet dude please reply back.

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    @luciana And thanks for following me back. Looking forward to getting to know u too :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

  • @idek2019 I need a therapist. I've been having so much heterosexual sex that it has become a distraction from my primary job, which is to be the one and only ambassador of SP = Straight Pride <3

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    @AllAboutStraight i see no problem in incorporating both into your life equally lol

  • no, but u're actualy pretty lovely and cool and i like ur words :)

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    @Dogban u just gotta put yourself out there cuz im sure there are plenty of other opportunities for jobs. having a job is a great way to socialize, and im sure the job u were relieved from wasnt the only one lol. but if u really liked your job, then u should ask yourself, "what did i do to put myself in this situation?" or "did something happen within the company that i had to be relieved from my job?" once youve figured that out, take it as a learning experience and gain as much knowledge as u can from it. then use that knowledge to help u in future jobs

  • I have a therapist but im not easy to tell her everything. Recently I had a really bad heart broken so im just keeping it inside and try to smile in front of my therapist

  • @idek2019 I know but i think she can't help me either. Somehow I think she hates me cuz she was warning me before this heart broken but i wasnt listening

  • @idek2019 I will try. I wish that girl who broke my heart considered my Situation too. Some ppl r really not human.

  • @idek2019 she said her parents turtured her threw her out, she lives with her friends, she only loves me and never leave me, made my ex and friends go away cuz she wanted me all for herself, after a year and half I realized she Lied everything, she lives with her parents, she doesnt have therapist as she said, she's more ok than me, with her lies I got upset for her I cried with her but all were for nothing so yeah I was in toxic relationship that I was only giver whenever I needed her she Lied she was in hospital but she was at Restaurant

  • @idek2019 she pretended she was her therapist while she didn't have one at all. Messeged me played with me I was thinking she was going to suicide she said she did she's in hospital but nope it was lie again. She knew im sick i have bipolar, my heart is sick too but she played. I tried suicide cuz of her I drunk too much alcohol that it was nearly killed me cuz my blood became toxic and I was nearly lose my right kidney all cuz of her

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    @Keimitsu so now i understand, she was playing the victim until she made u the victim. but like i said, take this previous relationship as a learning experience and always keep that knowledge with u. use it to help u in future relationships so u can know what to expect. the only thing u can do to help yourself is move on. she is out of your life from this point forward and remembering her will only trigger your emotions even more.

  • @idek2019 yeah im trying to forget her sometimes when im studying she comes in my mind and I think how stupid I was. So its kinda disturbing. It was my first heart break with a girl and its still painful for me

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