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  • The Sashley List:

    • sashley Has kinks that relate to pedophilia, rape, and incest.
    • Had underaged sex with Newdlez. (at the age of 12.)
    • Falsely accuses her partners of illegal things. (Claims they are pedophiles, abusers, manipulative, etc.)
    • Openly slanders other content creators.
    • Has doxxed people. (Friends, youtubers, fans, etc.)
    • Scammed her patreons.
    • Traced over commissions. (Basically scammed people who’ve bought her commissions.)
    • Traced animation memes.
    • Traced anime bases and other assets that weren’t hers.
    • Has made many homophobic comments, but is apparently lesbian now.
    • Lied and blamed friends for her own actions. (Ex. Kennyvicious, Susan, Molten, Newdlez, Etc.)
    • Cheated on her boyfriend with someone who is (apparently) now an adult.
    • Is emotionally manipulative when she gets called out.
    • Ships her exes

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    Sashley looks fun.

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