• Thank you to my friend Nexus, of the DrowKinde, for translating this post to your inferior language so that your insignificant human 'race' may understand it. I will show to you, if your puny mind may somehow grasp the concept, one of the many mysteries that mankind, in general, can not comprehend. That is because of mankind's inherent stupidity towards understanding other dimensions, other planes that can not be determined by what the inferior race calls 'science'. I will show to you a portal to my homeland in Dokkalfar where my superior race, the Orthorbbae, will one day travel through and destroy what you pitifully think of as "society". We, the Orthorbbae, will then take our rightful place as your masters and rule your backwards world like the countless others that we have overthrown. KonQuer!

    The Portal to Dokkalfar in Hayu Marca Peru

    The Portal to Dokkalfar in Hayu Marca Peru

    Situated in the vicinity of Lake Titicaca and near the mountain-filled region of Hayu Brand in Peru. The region itself is venerated by the local natives as the “city of the gods” and researchers are of the opinion that several monuments could be uncovered beneath its surface.

    A gigantic door-like carving on the face of the Hayu Marca Mountain, and is referred to as “Puerta de Hayu Marca,” which when translated in English means “The Gate to the Gods.” The colossal “gate” measures 22 feet by 22 feet, or seven meters tall and seven meters wide. A smaller “doorway” can be found in the center of the gate at its base, which is only 6.5 feet or two meters high.

    The legend of Aramu Maru, an Incan priest who served in the temple of the Seven Rays, as the story goes, tells this tale that Aramu Maru fled the temple in the 16th century to escape from the Spanish conquerors that arrived in Peru. He brought along with him a magical golden disk referred to as the “Key of the Gods of the Seven Rays.” He headed for the mountain of Hayu Marca where he performed a ritual with Shaman priests to open the smaller doorway of the Gate of the Gods. Vibrant blue light shone through the tunnel, and when Amaru Maru passed through it, he vanished from the face of the Earth and is believed to have traveled to the realm of the gods, never to be seen again.

    What the tale does not tell is that our people took Aramu and made him our prisoner until that we could beat our language into him and extract all the knowledge that he had of your kind to begin our research into your kind so that we may procure your world for our own. Now that we have the sufficient forces to take your world, the time draws near to your end and our glorious and rightful beginning.

    KonQuer KAAAA RAAAA!

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