Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @muslim I cant really say. I have not met many Muslims in my travels. I know what I have heard and seen. There are good and bad in any religion I am afraid. With the Catholics it was the Spanish Inquisition. Now the Muslims have Al Queda and Isis and the Boko Hiram.. I think that's how you spell it haha. There will always be a reason some religious fanatic will feel the need to kill people for their "Religion"

  • Islam is a peaceful religion

  • @ali-ahmad But catholicism does the same... in the name of God the greatest atrocities have been made. Let's not point the finger at one particular religion, all religions are primarily about controlling and castrating human nature.

  • im muslim and i dont think were terrorist. simple as that

  • it's a religion as any other, violent, cruel and bloodthirsty, moreso than other monotheistic ones

  • The religion itself if based 100% solely on every word of the Koran, yes. Because there are specific words in the book that instruct that infidels be killed. But not every Muslim goes by that book 100%, they water it down, and follow only the kind peaceful parts. So if Islam doesn't go fully by the book, then it's a whole different Islam, a re-branded, watered down religion, but not a terroristic one, unless they decide to go fully by the book.

  • Their belief just too hardcore

    Seriously, religions are always used to brainwash people since the past so any religions with fucked up leader can be all dangerous

  • No.... it's never suppose to be thinkable in the first place

  • I think that the Islam is a religion but some people use the religion as reason for their actions.

  • @alwaysstranger Nice videos bro, that's kind of you, I hope we could still be friends.. We can agree to disagree, We could still respect each-other, withing and outside an argument... hope that's okay with you

  • Of course NOOOO terrorists are not muslims
    they use islam in bad things
    america is the one who created terrorism 😉

  • I think that there are @ssholes in this world and that they are not secluded to any specific religion or race I think that if you focus on one specific group there will always be the rotten apples that ruin things for others and if you choose to judge an entire group of people by those rotten ones then you will never see any good in the world just rotten stinking apples

  • Islam means peace and it spread peace to all its people, so It will be awkward and bad to say that it leads towards terrorism

  • @alwaysstranger If science would have proven it that it would have been a law and if you are such a Philosopher than do reads darwins letter to his friend about the missing chain in the evolutionary chain and also according to my religion it's unnatural and well there is no clear scientific evidence of it being natural at all and well I am a free man on a free social platform and I shall reply to whatever I want because I won't let you misinterpret Islam

  • @muslim yes it is and I can gives you the proves . Am Ex Muslim and I have enough knowledge about it. Islam is a source of hatred who is not Muslim he is enemy and you have the right to take his money and everything that belong to him . Simply because he is "kafir" I been raised as Muslim . But am happy because I left it . This is only my point of view as person who experience it . Thanks and excuse my English

  • i don't think that cause im muslim

  • This post is deleted!

  • @alwaysstranger come on man come on ....

  • @sarah thanx sarah ... that really helps i appreciated .
    @AlwaysStranger ... you have enough evidence to believe ... tell 19 i was a muslim cuz my parents was too ... and i started to search and learn by my self ... do it too

  • @alwaysstranger after all ... do what ever u please.

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