• Sorry for leaving so anticlimactically but I think you can make some guesses as to how that happened.
    Let your imagination run wild.

    As you should know, I like to leave the girls wanting less, not more but if you're reading this and you'd like more for some unforeseeable reason, just hit me up.

    I really enjoyed talking with you, it was good. I'd like to talk some more, even if you're messed up, I wouldn't trust you if you weren't at least a little bit. Just friendly chatter would be fine with me, or more since I seem to have struck a certain chord within you... I'd like to strike it again, very much.
    Also, if not, I'd love to just know your actual name at least. I feel that you owe me that much, no?

    pls bby, wer u at, send nudes

    Thanks, k, bye.

    Best regards,