Looking to have lit/semi-lit original roleplays~💜

  • woops I accidentally posted in the wrong category;; here we go again

    Hello! 🌻

    I'm interested in starting up some literate or semi-literate 1-on-1 roleplays~ I can do adventure, fantasy, romance, sci-fi and anime-y prompts, or pretty much anything else you can suggest!
    I can also play as male or female characters. Although my preference is female, it doesn't matter that much to me lol
    I can do MxF, FxF, MxM, literally whatever you want

    I can do SFW and/or NSFW, but I would really prefer not to just write smut the whole time 😿 Indulgence is fine, but I like at least a little bit of plot lol

    So, if you're interested, please message me!! I'll try to respond pretty quickly.

    Thank you~

  • @_maya_ DM.... Ive been told that im talented at rp.... must have at least a partial sexual element....

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