• I'm 30 and have never even been to a funeral. I couldn't imagine life leaving a person's body.

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    I'm 30 and have never even been to a funeral. I couldn't imagine life leaving a person's body.

    Unfortunately, yeah I have.. I have experienced watching someone grasping for her last breath and how her eyes dilate. The image stuck on my memory forever.

  • @cjko I can't imagine. Did it encourage you to enjoy your life?

  • @leelah Actually, everytime I heard news about death ,especially when it comes to those people who are close to my heart... it makes me want to thrive to be kind to everyone, live life worth living, avoid hurting anyone and be always ready for my death. We are definitely clueless of what tomorrow may bring, time waits for no one and we should be aware that death is just around the corner.

  • @cjko worrying about death and actual suffering has made me realize how trivial many of our fights are and how self inflicted our suffering can be.

  • @leelah that's true.. well, death is inevitable and we should accept it no matter what. We all have same destination at the end of the day. Live life worth living , embrace anything that hurt you and let it go. Don't waste your remaining time to be ungrateful and unhappy. :)

  • As I get older I will have to face the death of my loved ones and like you said we dont know what tomorrow or even the next minute will bring.

  • @leelah yeah, absolutely. I'm glad you're doing that for your own good and you are about to start a big change in your life.

  • @leelah
    um yeah I saw my grandmother's death . I remember I was in 2nd standard n that day I had math test when I leave home she was ok, I mean ok but she had some disease I guess . n after I came back she was gone. I was too young to know how it feels to watching/ attending someone's funeral. all elders was sad n some of em was crying like a baby never saw elders behaving like this its kinda funny to me back then n my cousin brother was making me laugh I donno y. but no one noticed that. I guess I was 7 years old or something.
    then one of my class's friend die in a car accident. actually we barely talk n we just know each other I guess. but one at morning I woke up n saw all r putting his pic on their WhatsApp profile n writing about him (those day when WhatsApp stories doesn't exist).
    I didn't knew what's happening y he is on everyone's proflie, n asked one of my class's friend. n then I knew .
    then one of my college friend who had 18 brain tumor n he was in hospital. my bestie n I went there to see him . almost all my college friends was there. he was on ventilator. that has an government hospital so it not has good infrastructure as private ones . doctors said to his parents that he is alive only coz of ventilator n there is no hope that he can survive now its upto them to say turn of ventilator or not. when I visit him n tomorrow he died. never knew that was his last day.
    and one of my favorite people my mama (mom's brother). actually cousin brother I guess also died. then person who hold me first after nurse when I came in this world. n last time he ride bike I was on back set. well he died from high blood pressure.
    I saw many deaths. sometimes close one was died too. n I come to think of it y I laugh back then n not now. regardless understanding of death. now I realized that from now on those people die who was knew me n I once/use to talk them. so one day even tho I became elder n got kids or grandchildren. I end up crying like those elders who were cried on my grandmother's funeral. n maybe saw someone laughing like I did that time .

  • My grandfather died in my arms.. It was a heart pounding moment, his eyes rolled, ears turned back..It’s very hard to see someone in this situation where you are completely helpless, specially when you love that person.
    I was not able to overcome from that shock. It’s been 3 years, i miss him so much. I can never forget that day...

  • @Nidhi-Sharma 😪 this is heartbreaking. I want my family to miss me but also remember how much I loved them and wanted them to be as happy as possible. Do you appreciate being able to be there in his last moments? My papa died the same day our 100 pound 17 year old dog died, my father and I buried her and I think the pain from his death and the strain from burying our dog caused my dad to have a stroke the next day. We didn't make it to his funeral so it is almost like he is still there. I remember my mema used to complain and he would look at me, smile, and roll his eyes.

  • @leelah LoL 😋, everyone dies to reach funeral grave yard place which is our final destination for all of us

  • @leelah I can completely relate 😞. It was heartbreaking but I am glad i could see him for the last time. I was sitting on the floor, his head was in my laps He smiled at me and left. I got froze, i couldn’t stand for half hour.

    Well, People come, people go but their memories remain in our hearts forever and ever. We miss them, we smile with teared eyes and we move on. Abd the life goes on. 😇

  • @Nidhi-Sharma a smile?😭😭😭

  • @dragonfly33 ouch, have you dealt with them okay?

  • @leelah yeah everything is good now.

  • @vkoami I guess that could be funny. Have you seen life leave someones body?

  • @leelah yeah, it’s hard but but we should remember them with a smile on our face 😘

  • @leelah its painful

  • @leelah I haven't seen life leaving from anyone's body. But I have seen my dad leaving this world in front of me. Just before my dad was to leave this world I have seen him in the hospital. Within 10 minutes he has passed on this world. It's very difficult to accept the fact that someone who is very close is no longer in this world.