Ask an old man anything, shame-free advice, or just listening.

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    I'm much older than you, I just am. I'm probably your father's age, if not older. But, I am here and he's not - or what if he is, that's a weird thought.

    Anyway, I am home and bored and want to chat with someone. I'm here to offer advice, listen and maybe just help in ways that you can't turn to a family member for? Let's talk.

  • @Requires1 ok what do men look for in women both physically and emotionally

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    @Niikkii This is such a difficult question, I think men as we age look for different things in women. As a boy, 13 - early 20s I wanted looks, if she didn't look good I wouldn't even consider it - which is awful. Of course what's attractive varies but it's usually whatever society says is attractive - thin, long hair etc.
    As I got older I really wanted a woman who was smart, looks are nice but if we can't talk then what's the point? I also want someone who is strong emotionally, she can be vulnerable but can also deal with things, know how to take care of herself and others.
    Really, and this sounds so crappy, you have to know what you want in a guy and then look for ones who have those qualities - don't shape yourself to meet some guy's standards - that never works out. Guys sense that, will take advantage of it and then move on.

  • @Requires1 wow thanks for that. I really needed to hear that :,)

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    @Niikkii Thanks for asking such a good question!