yo any weeaboos out there

  • Konnichiwa, senpai
    Please notice me
    I watch Asian cartoons
    I'm a weeaboo

    I live in my mom's house
    I'm like 32
    I collect swords and throwing stars
    'Cause I'm a weeaboo

    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But I will always be one step ahead of you
    Because I read the manga
    (You're such a fucking pleb, are you even even Japanese bro?)

    I haven't showered in like 16 weeks
    All my friends and peers are ashamed of me
    'Cause all of a sudden
    I think I'm Japanese

    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    A filthy weeaboo
    (Naruto's so overrated)
    A dirty weeaboo
    (You wanna see my katana collection?)
    A fucking weeaboo
    (I'm learning Japanese on Rosetta Stone)
    A disgusting weeaboo
    (So I'm like basically Japanese now)

    I live at my computer desk
    And argue with teenagers on the internet
    About atheism
    And how Japan is superior to other countries
    I learned a bit of Japanese
    So now I'm qualified to be a part of their community
    So I made my avatar a kawaii waifu

    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    (Uh duh, everybody wears kimonos)
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    (Ninjas are still real, okay?)
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    (Uh, k-konnichiwa)
    Yes, I'm a weeaboo
    (Yeah, domo arigato)
    A filthy weeaboo

    A dirty weeaboo
    A fucking weeaboo
    A disgusting weeaboo

  • @deathbyoreos you could have just posted the filthy frank video. But i appreciate the hard work

    (Can i get da pussi bauc... i have a cancer bauc)

  • stfu. ur a fucking cunt.

    (im sorry; i live in a constant state of fear and misery)

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