• ok so I was at work right? (I work at a vet clinic). I was assisting in surgery, and I had already completed one other that day. well once we got to the suturing I got light headed and my vision started going to black. I couldn't see at all, and i'm kinda used to this happening cause I do get light headed and lose balance and vision sometimes, just blood pressure issues. so i'm standing there, cant see shit, and I start going numb, cant feel my legs , my arms, my face, nothing. I start kind slapping myself so I wouldn't fall asleep, or fall backwards, it didn't work lmao. I felt like I was floating in space, with no vision or feeling, I wake up on the floor being cradled by my boss (like the super important one who legit owns the clinic) shes asking if im ok, if I can hear, and im like "yeah" and so she calls an ambulance and gets me hooked up to some monitors. my blood pressure was so low it said error and we had to retry multiple times to get it to work. so by that time the ambulance was in the building, they came in the office door, and I was fine at that point , drinking water, sitting up, embarrassed as fuck, and they look down and one of the dudes says" shes super plae she needs to get immediate attention" and I had to explain to them that im super pale because im goth, its on purpose. so they just start laughing at the dude, and I felt so bad, it was so funny. so they put me in a wheel chair, im being driven out to the ambulance and this lady pulls up behind us and I shit you not starts trying to park in the handi cap spot that the ambulance is infront of, honking, and claiming its "her spot" and flashing her handi cap card. my boss was out there with me and she was so chill about it she just dead ass stared the woman down and calmly explained the situation. and when the woman tried yelling at her she hopped in the ambulance with me and before she slammed the back door , yelled to the woman " the handi cap card explains a lot ." I didn't even know what was happening it was so surreal lmao. so it turns out I locked my knees which can cause you to faint, I didn't even know that was a thing., but apparently when you stand too long you can lock your knees and all the blood pools at your feet, so I was standing too long and knocked tf out.

  • @onyx_the_kitten

    That's why it's important to take breaks every now and then!
    Let this scary episode serve it's purpose and teach you something new! Hope you feel better and that you didn't hurt yourself when you feint!

    Cheers buddy! :blush: