• i have a boy that really love me with all of his heart,,,and i also love him with all my heart,,but i think i'm not the one that created for him,,maybe someone else..i think i just be a burden..i'm not a good person,,,he dont know me,,,the real me,,so i decide to push him away,,,and its hurt,,,really hurt,,,i love him,,but i cannot love him

  • I dont know you... I cant judge just by what you wrote about yourself and your boy.... i think i felt the same way before... i thought i was not good enough for the person i love.... No offense... I think you have the sudden attack of cowardice.... i know your intentions is good because you dont want hurt him.... However i think you should not push him away.... I know you have beauty inside of you that he sees thats why he fell in love with you.... You can change for the better.... i think you deserve to love..... After all everything is fair in love and war.....

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  • My name is Samantha, please kindly write me in my email ([email protected] om) for more about me because am not here any time ok

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