• I’ve been gone for awhile now & every now & then I come just to check & see if anyone I used to talk with even leaves me a message. Just a Hey how are you ? But I realized the truth about this Site. All those FRIENDS weren’t friends. They were just killing time & pretending like they cared. Beyounce, Firefly, Willow, Daysia & Especially ZEN, their are others but you guys I talk to most. Judith was one of the first I met but idkn after Layla left she was different to me. The Only person who ever reaches out is Bela. She is truly amazing & whoever ends up with her is so lucky. Zoey we were never close but your so kind. Don’t change. Abby was also so nice. But the rest of u. Did u ever even give a crap or did you just need me when you were bored ? Willow I idolized your posts. U spoke from the Heart. I thought u were real. But I was wrong I guess. I realize we all have our own lives & issues to deal with. But gee. Just say Hey once in Awhile. Is that do hard. It takes about a minute. Sorry for the Sob story. I don’t mean to be a complainer but I’m Sad.

  • I just got on here today to possibly talk to some people, and maybe make some friends. I've had the problem you've had before and it sucks. You think you have friends and people that care about you, but when you stop talking to them or stop feeding their boredom, they just forget about you. I've had friends before that I would hang out with everyday and we would talk a lot, but when I stop/can't talk to them or am not available they don't bother to ask questions, or check on me. It doesn't feel good, and there can be reasons why they don't ask or check on you. Definitely if was on this site, maybe they lost access to their account for a while, or just stopped using it. I'm sorry about the problem you're having with the friends you are making on here, and hope you can find some quality people to talk to and be friends with.

  • @RenaFoxion Thank You & I know there are reasons but it still sucks.

  • Aww, I'm sorry. I havent been on it months because no one really texted me. I didnt mean to hurt your feeling by not reaching out

  • @Daysia I did text you a few times but no response so I figured you were not here anymore. Idkn it’s just weird everyone just leaving.

  • i feel that, losing the people around you

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    @Sara-f don't be sad

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    @Sara-f 🙂 thou your heart is aching..

  • @Sara-f sad !! 😢😢....
    But most of the people you mentioned haven't been here either so i guess you don't need to be angry at them 🙂🙂

  • @Sara-f

    Most of those people are not around anymore and that is probably why they didn't text. It's sad... but people move on from this site and get back to their life. Did you get the contact of any of those, outside TWS?

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