If you could time travel to past once and come back to present, which place would you choose to visit?

  • I would personally like to visit 70's with hippie's time for peace and smoke. And wouldn't come back.

    What's your place or time would be?

    P.S: Don't judge someones choice.

  • @Alroy-D-souza id go back to when Jesus supposedly came down and died for our sins, just to see if its really true.

  • I will visit the Normandy Beach on 6th June, 1944 (and many more such places which witnessed bloody battle during WW2) to experience and capture the true emotions of the soldiers who were about to encounter hell. The screams, the groans, the pain, the cries, the blood, the snipers, the random fires, the stand put up by the German post, the sound of bullets, the willingness of soldiers.... I wanna know how it felt to know that you're about to die by witnessing the gloomy skies and the fellow soldier's war cries; I wanna know how it felt to achieve victory with so many casualties; I wanna know if it was worth it!!

  • @PyroDox Definitely the 2000s, when I was a kid, pressure wasn’t a thing, neither were expectations, and life was absolutely brilliant.

    But I wouldn’t come back xD