Which Pokemon will you choose!

  • @AuroraFan if you won't consider mega starapter is better(stats won't lie)

  • @vishkun Ash greninja is one good pokemon.😊

  • @Tarieeeee Evolve Eevee into leafeon or slyveon .( eevee itself have bad attacks and stats but leafeon is good as grass pokemon with really good stats are rare[I think leafeon has more better stats than all grass starters{excluding mega}.It also has some really decent moves.]Now with slyveion [ Pokemon that can use fairy attacks aren't too hard to get but a decent fairy type is a really good catch{cover against both dragon and dark.}{Reason I didn't mention glaceion or vapareon or flareon or umbreon is that there are great pokemon in these types and they are pretty easy to come by,[but dark type is exception ,dark types with good stats aren't common but A pokemon with dark type attack is much better than a dark type pokemon itself,get a luxray or salamence and teach cruch.]And to evole eevee to slyveon,teach it fairy type move and level up with High friendship\or affection.Don't go to area with moss rock or ice rock[or it will evolve into leafeon or glaceon respectively.] and like I mentioned earlier to get leafeon go and level up on a area near moss rock.}]).

    For further information about pokemon just ask me.🙂

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