• If someone made a mistake, and one saw it, do they really have to shout it out on public or better keep it with themselves?

  • agreeing as well with @Boud especially if you know that someone who committed the mistake. give them a chance to maake things right. however if youre talking about seeing, say, someone killing another person, thats def different. will not keep my mouth shout and do nothing but will not also shout it to the world bc i might not be able to see it the next day 😂

  • You have a point too @Boud

  • @chloroxbleach Keep to themselves certainly. I think talking to that person who made the actual mistake is the only person someone who've seen it should talk to. I think ppl who shout others mistakes in public are pretty bad, like they want to show the world how much better they are or something lol

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