Thank you Prime Minister of Pakistan. Tabdeeli Agai Hai.

  • Thank you PM of Pakistan 
    Thank you Imran Khan
    Thank you Mr. Zahid Asghar
    Thank you to the Pakistani Embassy in Australia and the Consul General Mr. Sardar Adnan Rashid.
    It seemed impossible without all of you but my faith in humanity and our Government has restored today.
    It might be a long appreciation post but you all deserve this 👌

    Background: My brother met an accident on the 26th of February 2019 in Melbourne, Australia and had a broken knee cap that required surgery. His surgery was delayed for unknown reasons and he was in extreme pain far away from home. We tried requesting known and unknown people but what worked for us was nothing less than a miracle.

    Please please download the Citizen's Portal App through your App Store because Pakistan is finally flourishing and we now have someone who will listen to us without judging and will help us through the dark.
    I lodged my complain on the 6th of March 2019 around Fajar time and within 3 hours I was heard by the PM of Pakistan.
    Our request was forwarded to all who could assist us and we could see the request status at all times. We were kept well-informed throughout. Embassy, Dr. Nadir and Consul General in Melbourne were in contact with him throughout and he was visited by Consulate people too. These people escalated the process and my brother was finally operated on the 11th day. The response time was only 3 hours and the surgery was done in less than 48 hours which was extremely overwhelming. The cherry on top is they offered us immediate visa assistance too.

    The purpose behind this long post is to appreciate the efforts made by our Great Pakistan and finally the people ruling our motherland. It always seemed impossible until today but finally yes TABDEELI AGAYI HAI !

    Please share so that all of us can benefit with this Citizen's Portal App.

  • @sarah yes!! Finally someone with good point of view. I am reallay glad to hear this story

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  • Imran khan is jaaan!!!