• we all r back in 2018!!!

    So I built 33's army's boot camp again!!
    Just add 33 in ur username n replay "I'm in!!"
    This time we will reach to our aim!!!

    33 soldiers!! In 33's army

    N can't do this without ur help ! 😉
    And if we archive our aim!!
    Then I'll do this n send pic in 33's army group

  • @alkal
    We don't kill !! We rape rival clans/army !!
    Coz we was most powerful army in da tws!!!
    Just Add 33 is ur username!! I will add u in 33's group!!

  • who shall we kill
    im in

  • Hey, that's the first time that a war was prevented by technical failure lol. Or was it human failure? Usually those things start the war.

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