• ppl have asked me this a lot,so I sat back one night and realy thought about it,

    my answer is no..because no matter what I have done in my life..good or bad has braught me to where I am today,and to the ppl I know and love.
    wee all have choices in life to make,but whos to say weather you are right or wrong,because they got you to where you are today,and make you the special person you have become.

  • @babybear50
    I agree. Our choices ever since we were born have made us who we are. Every experience, even if bad, has taught us and shaped our personality.
    We could be a different person if we changed our past, and we can't say if that'll turn out to be a good or a bad thing. Maybe we would have been better a person if had not done that one wrong thing back then. Or maybe be would have been missing one important life lesson if we rectify that one incident.
    It's all a chain reaction. One small change can vary so much of our life. Who's to say if that would be for better or for worse?
    Tbh it kind of scares me to think that I may become someone completely different from what i am now.
    I wouldn't change my past if it didn't involve other people getting hurt.
    If i could, i would go back and correct that time when I hurt (seriously) someone else.

  • @babybear50 im of the same opinion. To go back and change any given event in the past would most likely lead to a change in character. Since, as you and @kana say, itโ€™s everything, bot( good snd bad, that makes us the people we arw toady.
    (I have said in similar topics that if i were to i would possibly stop my parents meeting, but even doing that it would cause the resulf of not adding three of the most amazing young people to this earth, therefore it would be a no go).
    Through my misgivings and bad choices, i like the fundamental persom i am.... how could i change that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @babybear50

    I think I've replied to a question like this before but here we go again!
    If there was a way to change the outcome of situations I would definitely go back and time and change some things. Those things would be majorly avoid hurting ppl I love so I don't think it would change who I am, as hurting those people didn't make me who I am today, but I don't think you can fรบck with the past/future no matter how hard you try ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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