Is Flirting Considered Cheating, Why?

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii umm.. Idk much about it, but if after relationship a person feels like to flirt with another 3rd person, that mean he/she having less interest in now. So it is better to give up quickly before getting dump. But if my partner do this without telling me about it, I'll consider cheating.

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii i would say no I mean flirt in a way of talking joking have fun together isn’t cheating but being very romantic flirting like tight cuddling or kissing strong is🙈🦁

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii If a person is single flirting is consider as "extra-friendly sweet" so go ahead and mingle 😉.. But flirting while in a relationship is highly disrespectful and while it may seem harmless it can still be very hurtful to the person that loves you.

  • It depends on what one consider as flirting. I have seen some guys getting all riled up and jealous when he see "his girl" talking freely and openly with her close friends. He then declare diktats such as "thou shalt not talk to that guy from hence forth" and so on, like he owns her or something. Being in love doesnt mean you have to burn your bridges. Such a relationship is toxic and doesnt really worth it.

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    @Zen00 Smartass answer

  • @SoFa_king_Cody Ahan exactly, I agree with you.

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii Yeah I guess so 😄

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    It really depends on where do you draw the line of what flirting really is.
    Different people are more or less understanding towards where the line is drawn so you have to adapt / change to make things more confortable for each other. I also believe we should avoid doing stuff that impacts a relationship negatively so even if both of you don't consider "X" and "Y" flirting/cheating it might still annoy them/make em jealous and that's not good and thus avoided.
    As the extremelly jealous guy I am, I've lost my shit many times before when I knew/seen "my girl" flirt and I've been involved on the other side of the coin as well and usually ppl dismiss the problem with a "it means nothing is harmless" answer and as much it might be that way for them, we always have to think about what our partner thinks and feels... (I'm sorry again ._. The person whom i'm apologizing to knows 😅)

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii Well you know ‍️ Shit happens ...

    Is this a kind of "oops I accidentally fell with my d.ick into her kitty while she had her pants down" thing? 😂

    @AlizaJalebiiiiii said in Is Flirting Considered Cheating, Why?:

    @Zen00 I love your loyalty, he’s a lucky guy

    OOF, who's the lucky guy @Zen00 😏 😏

  • I think a little flirt here or there is spicing up our lives. We want to feel attractive and flirting lets us do so. Also it is a nice way of giving the other person the same feeling. In a way it's like wearing makeup, because there are two reasons to wear "normal" makeup: to be more attractive or to please group/society pressure. I am not against women (or men if they desire to do so) wearing makeup to feel more attractive.

    However it very much depends on what you mean by flirting. As I said earlier I would certainly not call cuddling and kissing flirting. Explicit $e xual language I wouldn't call flirting either.

    Flirting for me is more innocent stuff like telling a girl "you look like trouble", necking, some niceties. I mean we are – wether we know it or not – attracted to some people and have a chemistry with them. And it's good that that is so, as long as it does not go over the line. Flirting also makes you attractive. If somebody flirts (not crossing the line) with your partner you can either get jealous or you could take it as a compliment – because it means others find your partner attractive.

    I guess it's all about where to draw the line in the end. And that both of you agree. I think if you – by nature – view the line too different from your partner you probably are not meant for each other. I also believe that if the line is drawn to narrow, that's not good for either of you. The same probably goes for too wide.

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii Well...maybe yes..but it depends on ur partner's will...n if they're possessive or not.If u flirt they could flirt too..U ok with that? 😉

  • Person knows if he or she is cheating or not. Totally depends on intention.

  • @SoFa_king_Cody hihi

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    @SoFa_king_Cody Very meaningful cuddy, your the man..

    P.s. I am always well behave..😊

  • If i do it its fine, but if my wife does it she is a sl ut

  • @AlizaJalebiiiiii I don't think flirting is really cheating unless you flirt with the intention of perusing a relationship with that person, sometimes it can be just a fun little joke to flirt with people

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii "Is flirting while in a relationship cheating?"
    Replace "relationship" with "marriage", and know the difference.
    P.S: it's not (if you're flirting with your partner xD)

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    @AlizaJalebiiiiii no not at all. Flirting is a pious thing. Dont call it cheating

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    @sup Surrrrrrrreeeeee

  • flirting is cheating. simple.


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