• Where are you from and is it a place you would like to spend the rest of your life or would you like to live somewhere else?

    If so, where and why?
    If not, why?

  • I live Hingham Norfolk, England. I have been placed here for a reason; for sure. To what reason, I do not know.

  • @alexis17 I live Hingham Norfolk, England. I have been placed here for a reason; for sure. To what reason, I do not know.

  • I’m from a small town called Apollo Bay in Victoria, Australia that basically lives off tourism. I love living here because during some parts of the year it can be quiet and you can go for a surf and have almost the whole beach free. I don’t think I will move but if I did it will probably be to another small town probably on the coast

  • @alexis17 It is very uninteresting here in Hingham. But if I was to move, it would need to have lots of scenary, lots of history and lots of freedom. I think freedom is very censored and controlled for the control of us humans.

  • I'm from the Netherlands and I would love to stay there. Well I'm just a Familie person so I would stay around people I care about. Personally I love mountains so I could live in a country with them.

  • But that is more conspiratorial than we'd like to say.

  • @practicaladam I assume that this is a topic that would be best suited for those with heads in the sand.

  • @alexis17 Surfing sounds so cool! I would be horrible at it because I'm way to clumsy. But it looks so good! And difficult....

  • All I want to do is live somewhere I can live free, without persecution, without colour orientated, without any bias and have a peaceful life. Where would you suggest??

  • @alexis17 Peterborough, England :D

    I'd like to live anywhere but the UK.... cause it's not the best here and our gracious leader is a bit pants tbh.

  • @shaun-durwin Is that free from Rozzers, from WiFi, from any format of the NWO??

  • As curious as I maybe, I can not seem to find anywhere free from NWO, cops, or peace. I want my family to live in free thinking, free speaking and free society that lives for peace, that lives for each other, that lives for humanity.

  • Dead in the surf, me think. Assuming living in society that is based on inequality is not really based on a peaceful society.

  • So the question "Where do you live?" and so on does not really apply if we all need to live in society that is of "PEACE" based.

  • @practicaladam what do you mean?

  • @alexis17 That is question that is really hard to answer to those that oppose the natural order of things. I am not talking about the about the order of what is not conditioned to seem natural, but what is actually natural to the human kind.
    We grow as a natural human being, but our influences, no matter how small, become a conditioning and not a natural thing. We believe it to be natural because of the length and time of that conditioning. I want to live somewhere that is natural feeling, natural teaching, natural thinking for good and positive development of humanity. War, violence, and fear is not of a natural feeling. A baby is not born with fear as a first feeling. It is only conditioned that way through the experiences it has.

  • @practicaladam it seems this is a comment that has hit a nerve. Silence tends to hurt those that oppose the natural order.
    I did not want to be the one that strikes that nerve, but I seem to be that I am the only one daring enough and truthful enough to say it.
    The natural order of life can only continue through a natural order of cycle. Unless we reset the conditioning, the order can not continue.
    Where can I live in such a place??

  • @practicaladam hasn’t hit a nerve I just don’t know what the fuck your on about haha

  • @alexis17 unfortunately, deep down, you do. Sorry to say. Search yourself for the logic in my answers to a question you asked.
    I am sorry to say this, but your comment makes you seem very young in your understanding of the natural cycle of life. You believe you will wake in the morning and continue that cycle of life having given nothing to continue it. Will you wake in the morning knowing your life could be at end without giving something to keep that cycle of life going? Both a man and woman keeps these cycles of life moving forward. Otherwise, humanity dies within a couple of generations. Where would the logic be then? In the elephants??