• Where are you from and is it a place you would like to spend the rest of your life or would you like to live somewhere else?

    If so, where and why?
    If not, why?

  • I'm from the Netherlands and I would love to stay there. Well I'm just a Familie person so I would stay around people I care about. Personally I love mountains so I could live in a country with them.

  • @alexis17 Peterborough, England 😄

    I'd like to live anywhere but the UK.... cause it's not the best here and our gracious leader is a bit pants tbh.

  • I live Hingham Norfolk, England. I have been placed here for a reason; for sure. To what reason, I do not know.

  • @alexis17 It is very uninteresting here in Hingham. But if I was to move, it would need to have lots of scenary, lots of history and lots of freedom. I think freedom is very censored and controlled for the control of us humans.

  • @alexis17 Surfing sounds so cool! I would be horrible at it because I'm way to clumsy. But it looks so good! And difficult....

  • @alexis17 because you asked the question "Where am you from; bla bla bla?" My answer was" from Hingham Norfolk, bla bla bla."
    " If I was to move, where would I move to and why, bla bla bla? "
    So the answer is relevant to the question asked. If I was to move from" Hingham, Norfolk, UK" where would I move to? Somewhere, free thinking, free speaking, no cops, NO NWO (New world order) and free from violence, from unnatural conditioning, and free from fear. Where would you go?? I do not see anywhere on the natural planet that I could go that is free from all the world conditioning other than becoming some spoon wittler in a deep isolated jungle with an elephant!! Do you??

  • I am from India.I want to move Boston to see my special someone.

  • I live in the UK but Id love to move to Canada cause I have family there and I love the cold

  • Currently living in Finland. Would love to move somewhere else warmer sometimes.

  • @practicaladam said in Where are you from?:

    @shaun-durwin Is that free from Rozzers, from WiFi, from any format of the NWO??

    Peterborough ... Nope, deffo not hehe ....
    Where I would really like to be would be the Far East.... not to fussed about where, but I love most of the nations and their cultures. As you say in some of your posts on here, the UK is really not a good place to be... Nanny State would be an incredible understatement..... due to the supposed freedom that you have... which in essence is none... even when you try to chose your own way and make up your own mind there is something or someone trying to stop you.
    And peeps from around the world want to come here.... I just don't get it....

    • From the old saying 'the grass is always greener on the other side' in this case ... for us to move YES, for other's to move here NO.

  • @alexis17 I live Hingham Norfolk, England. I have been placed here for a reason; for sure. To what reason, I do not know.

  • I’m from a small town called Apollo Bay in Victoria, Australia that basically lives off tourism. I love living here because during some parts of the year it can be quiet and you can go for a surf and have almost the whole beach free. I don’t think I will move but if I did it will probably be to another small town probably on the coast

  • But that is more conspiratorial than we'd like to say.

  • @practicaladam I assume that this is a topic that would be best suited for those with heads in the sand.

  • All I want to do is live somewhere I can live free, without persecution, without colour orientated, without any bias and have a peaceful life. Where would you suggest??

  • @shaun-durwin Is that free from Rozzers, from WiFi, from any format of the NWO??

  • As curious as I maybe, I can not seem to find anywhere free from NWO, cops, or peace. I want my family to live in free thinking, free speaking and free society that lives for peace, that lives for each other, that lives for humanity.

  • Dead in the surf, me think. Assuming living in society that is based on inequality is not really based on a peaceful society.

  • So the question "Where do you live?" and so on does not really apply if we all need to live in society that is of "PEACE" based.

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