Is Marriage obsolete?

  • I feel it can put unnecessary pressure on couples, not just the cost but also expectations and maybe unrealistic demands.

  • marriage was something that was followed with the belief that after the marriage, the couple belongs to each other, a token of their loyalty to each other and that, it would help them survive together. But these days, many marriages are failing because many are unloyal and there is no understanding between the couples. So, it would seem like an unnecessary pressure for some people but for some people with deep understanding between them, it would be like a blissful dream

  • so don't marry until you are certain about it and sure that you two understand each other completely.

  • No its not. Man is social animal. Ee can't live alone forever. We will die.

  • no, i am not saying that you should live alone forever. I am just saying that don't marry until you are sure he is the right one or at least that you could adapt for each other, or else you would tolerate each other until you are sick of each other and it would eventually end up in divorce

  • @sir-devil Agreed. As a model, seen in light of the 21st century, I don't think it works. Societal exceptions pushes couples into it.

    I believe couples lie to each other in the build up, not deliberately in some cases (rose tinted glasses and all). And you can't avoid the point that people grow apart and a lot of times the people involved are not mature enough to reconcile the changed person to who they originally hooked up with.

    I think we should reconsider out exceptions....

  • @joetate yes, unless they truly understand each other or at least try to understand the other, marriage would just bring them pain


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