•  Alright, one of biggest reasons people most likely won't let me leave TWS is because of my promise of a face reveal. It's basically what I'm known for. Just to clear up something, I AM NOT LEAVING TWS. A lot of you thought I left because I wasn't on for a while and you STILL anticipated a fucking face reveal.
     I'm not pissed, it's just gotten out of hand. So I'm setting a date in which I reveal my fugly mug. June 21st, 2018 at 11:30 pm is when my face will be revealed. So if you're anticipating a face reveal from me, in a week, get the fucking coffee and the lube (or vibrator or whatever the fuck).
     Now you can stop asking me for a reveal because it'll be happening in a week. AND you can also stop saying I left because I didn't. I'm still here. I've been here. If you've been in the topics and public chat recently, you would know that. So, yeah. Face reveal, June 21st of this year at 11:30pm, aka a week from now.

  • what the hell lol well bye im leaving bye da pic can you stay for me and never leave tws

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