Hellllllloooooooo I’m back again

  • So as a few of you know I went to back to Spain cuz idk I’m bored. I went with my friend but the catch is we were so fucked on edibles.

    So, 8 hours before our flight I eat around 3 of em and my friend fucking finishes the entire pack she he had like 4-5. We also ordered I think 8 pizzas I can’t really remember. We spent most of our time laughing for know reason at the Fresh prince of bel air.

    A little while later we’re at the airport still pretty fucked, at this point they know were high but they don’t kick us out and I’ll tell you one thing that flight didn’t feel like 2 hours and 30 minutes, it felt like years. It looked even more dodgy when we ate most of the food they were serving. One of the said we they think we had enough food.

    Ok so we got of are flight, and we.are.still.hungry.what.the.fuck. I swear it’s like every few hours when we’re high as fuck we eat half of the food the world has. At least I love eating food.

    This is the part where I don’t remember much, the only thing I remember was that we got a hotel, and then it’s just blank I don’t remember the rest neither does my friend. After that we got to do some shit and I slept for most of that day.

    So yeah there it is, I’m never going high on an aeroplane lmao.

  • @natasha-b edibles are the way to go when traveling...just kinda melt into your seat and throw some music on

  • @sleepyguy27 yeah but I’m honestly not a big fan of smoking it, edibles are just an easier way to get high for me

  • @natasha-b at first I liked edibles better, but then I didn’t like being completely fucked every time I ate one and not knowing how high I was really going to get. I’ve come to appreciate smoking herb.

  • hi hru?🎉

  • @sleepyguy27 I only started having edibles recently instead of smoking it, so it’s been really good for me, I’ll probably go back to smoking it after a while or just trip my ass on acid

  • @natasha-b haven’t tried acid, I did mushrooms for the first time a few weeks ago. I was about it.

  • @sleepyguy27 never tried shrooms just to scared to try em, I’ve heard things man...

  • As long as you just let them do their thing it’s all good...awesome visuals. It was a super introspective experience, things about myself I thought I would be afraid to confront became easy to sort out. I was nauseous most of the time tho which kind of sucked but you forgot about it once you started tripping hard.

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