• Just wanna talk it out of my work environment

  • Let's talk it out.

  • Had my job for almost a year. I thought I finally had a job I look forward to. Not until few months back when my manager turned cold on me. And started picking on my (most are not) mistakes. Thing is if another colleague commits the same 'mistake'. It will be just a friendly reminder. And I have no clue why it is only at me. I'm decent if not good at my job, and not poor at all. I have an impression it is a intimidation to ask me to leave. But I love the job and its environment.

  • @blackjiet Message me or follow me. We could talk privately

  • @blackjiet I guess I can help you.
    To be honest being good at work and being influential are two different things.
    I will tell you few important points start following them and with in a month you will find that you will become loving to everyone.

    1. Never talk about ur benefits, always talk about benefits of other person.
    2. Always wear a smile on ur face, no matter what the conditions are.
    3. Never condemn anyone.
    4. Always praise without u work but remember only praise those things which u really feel worth praising, find those things in them.
    5. Put ur leg in ur manager shoes.
      I don't know whether u will follow me or not, but if you will follow you will surly have great results in ur life.
      Have a nice life ahead buddy.

  • @albertolok i did and do follow the above 5. its just,i don't understand why it happens. i dont provoke, and i dont do nonsense. talking did not help. it really feels more like intimidating me to leave. but i like working here.

  • @blackjiet There was a great Indian Scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who also remained president of India, he once said
    "Love you work, not your company because you never know when your company stop loving you"
    So keep the same profile, do the same work but with better people where they respect you.