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  • If you’re somebody that believes the meat that is put on your plate is even remotely hygienic or healthy think again.
    If you’re somebody that believes that eating meat is humane and can be done respectably think again.
    Going vegan is a choice, a choice that makes sure animals are treated humanely and equally. You can’t kill or eat an animal and class it as humane. If you really do care for animals as much as you claim, go vegan, it’s a healthy life style, it saves the animals, it stops slaughter and murder, it protects innocent sentient beings.
    Just remember the next time you eat a dinner which has meat or dairy included you’re eating rotting flesh or produce from animals you say you love.

    Someone : Not to be a dick but everyone can have their own opinions and calling people who eat meat wrong or murderers solely bc you don't agree with it isn't ok. This is the same as pushing religious beliefs upon others, do you, be vegan and have your beliefs, but don't bash people who don't agree with you or try to say they're wrong. I don't agree with how animals are prepared for food, but we need protein, hence why humans have eaten meat since we existed. The way it's done now is disgusting and inhumane, but protein is a need to be healthy and it's not fair of you to bash anyone who does eat meat.

    Me: you get protein more from broccoli and vegan alternatives than actual meat, plus murder has been around for as long as eating meat but that’s not justifiably humane? An animal can’t give consent to being slaughtered. I’m not calling meat eaters the murders. Nor am I calling them bad people because they’re not. They’re not bad or nasty people however instead of going along with the torture inflicted upon these animals by buying their flesh from stores you could be saving their lives. All lives are worth living. This is also like saying a Christian isn’t allowed to put a caption up about god. They can. Being vegan doesn’t harm anybody AT ALL, eating flesh from animals who are born to die does.

    Someone : you're right, it's sad and not fair, and they can't consent, but pushing it on people wont ever change anyone. Just state facts nicely, just to educate others, don't make it sound so derogatory towards people who may disagree. Do it nicely and include sources where you got you're information, make people want to learn about it, pique their interests, don't just throw a bunch of your opinions at them, trust me, it makes people get defensive. Whereas if you just stated some facts and did it in a gentle way, you may end up changing someone's view on it. It's all about how you word things and how you present them.

    Me : everybody has a different approach to such things and things as gross as this I present in a gross way because people don’t understand how gross what they’re eating is. I’ve tried presenting it in a nice way and etc but never works so I’m now going to do what I like within my own way that isn’t harmful just factual.

  • @willis-joe06 OML.
    runs to eat chicken

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