• Hello everyone on TalkwithStrangers,
    My name is Joseph and I started my own business when I was 16. For two years I worked hard and almost created a stable business but those who were closest to me left. This year I have tried to work hard again but failed when one of my products failed. Sence then I have been working on renaming my company which used to be called Zech. I'm looking for anyone that would like to work with me in creating a business. I can't pay you at this time nor will I ask you to fund me. All I ask is your time. I need assistance in business name generation and product creation. Also, I'm looking to create a dream team with the intent to pay all that help, once my new company is created. I will keep no secrets from you. Ask away, I shall answer truthfully.


  • Soul Searchers


    Happy to know about you're success , hope you reach great heights

    All the best Joseph , take good care , shine on

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