Pune 38 yrs old matured male seeking female friend for discreet friendship

  • Hi,
    I am 38 yrs old indian guy, married for 8 years and working in an MNC as Manager in Pune. I am looking for a female friend for discreet friendship. Please do not take this as a request for an explicit relationship. I am looking for a female friend to talk and involve. Where 2 people can share anything openly, without any hesitation/social boundaries. It would be basically no commitment friendship.

    If things go smooth and nice, I am ready to involve mentally, physically or whatever.

    If you are looking for the same then I guess we should talk. No harm in atleast trying to know each other 🙂

  • @PuneM38 ...a year too late..But I feel the same..Since you logged in a year ago, don't think u would read my msg..So there

  • @punem38
    when you find her, tell her, please, to tell her mum, that I'm looking too .... 😄

  • Ohhh, any chance of a bottle or two of Honeybee please ....

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