Does religion play a significant role in your life??

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    @damncuteguy Lol dw I'm not theist or atheist bro. And I don't think even if I were to be one you'd apologize, because there's one thing I've come to realize and It's all the people saying there's no God and all that salad actually didn't try to look for any God actually. Because if they did they would have found him, bible says to seek and to search God in our hearts.
    "Lack of knowledge my people perished" ik there are lots of bs on the internet and I can even find proves about the non existence of God (😂so stupid but hilarious). Trust me guys, born atheists that are now believers just don't believe In God like many of us but they know he does and they do because they got physical proof of his existence (lol).

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    @Jotaro said in Does religion play a significant role in your life??:

    @Official-Penguin Every edgy athiest ever.

    Your English was quite incomprehensible here. Could you please elaborate it ? Also, athiest is not a correct word. The correct word should be atheist.

    Humanity isn't a religion.

    Humanity is the universal religion.

    The fact that she stated "religion" means the said belief needs to be grounded in a supernatural being.

    Woah, she asked you believed or not in a supernatural being. One more thing, a lot of religions in this world don't believe in God's existence. E.G.Jainism, Buddhism etc. I do not know which world you are living in.

    "Humanity" isn't an answer to this.

    You won't grasp it so nevermind

    Nice try farming upvotes though.

    you seem to be butthurt here because you didn't get even an upvote. My sympathy is with you bruh. Plus, I didn't ask people to upvote me.

  • @MaliceAlice no before religious things 1st thing is know as humanity and human being.

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  • Yes! It does play a significant role in our lives. We are what we are now cause of our belief.
    Many people deny it cause they are not self aware or conscious as the teaching of our religion imbibes with in us in one form or the other!

  • It does in mine since I converted

  • @MaliceAlice I listened to the band R.E.M. once, and ever since then I've been Losing My Religion. But on a brighter note I've got my Orange Crush

  • @SepticeyeSam said in Does religion play a significant role in your life??:

    It does in mine since I converted

    what faith did you convert to and why?

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  • @malicealice yup
    im black and muslim so i go to juma on friday

    and ramadan finna start in like two days

  • @malicealice Not really... religions are made to divide humans

  • Religion only causes you to put expectations on the way you think about things; "forcing" ideas and practices onto people without there being legitimate reasons for beliefs, and only opinions as to why anything in particular is better or worse than anything else. Religion is the largest mind closeing device on earth. Knowledge is the way to go.

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    @a-guy_01 just like a said it's now some kind of politics

  • Not anymore 😇

  • @rajeev96 I couldn't agree more with with you pal. Simple logic that everyone could use. As you've mentioned religion has a role of controlling the majority to behave a certain way, which is why I've stopped questioning whether God exist or not since its better if everyone believes he does to uphold order. I don't believe in him but he/she has become an important part in society, i will admit that much.

  • Only when I think about the fact that I’m going to die one day

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    @rajeev96 said in Does religion play a significant role in your life??:

    I think religion was formed to give people a sense of purpose in life and maybe also to instill fear of doing bad deeds. In the past when there was no proper system for punishing people who commit crimes maybe the religion helped by using the idea of a higher power watching over you and delivering some amount of retribution for your wrong doings. Anyways, coming to my life it doesn't play any role of significance and so I have been an atheist for some time now.

    Huh!? Who told you in the past there was no proper system for punishing people who committed crimes!??? I where'd you hear/read that? Let's rather say it's today that people are even more encouraged to do bad because of the current system (lol). What ever bad you'll do m, I you're just face a court be judged and sent to prison for sometime or lifetime!!! And if you're lucky enough to fall on a badass attorney and have enough money you can just pay her or pay him sooooooo well that they'll put their whole life into getting you out of that case. Sometimes even people sentenced to death get out of jail by order of the court for what they call "good behavior" or something like that (I'm not really into law). Meanwhile, Before!!!? Jeez mah I said Before most people were very afraid of doing bad and for the simple reason and fact that even innocent people died for things they didn't do (which still happens today😑🤦), as in if you checked on the time of slavery, kings, northern men, WW (I) and all that'll see that in most cases the sentence was death and it was done publicly (opened to the eyes of everyone) to serve as an example to others, before democracy and all these current protocols came and gave some freedom to civilians who now abuse of it and do what ever they want, especially if they are very rich and dusted to pay themselves attorneys and some of the judges in court😴.

    So in other words you're wrong about religion was formed to scare people from doing bad. And I don't expect you to admit it coz you said you're not a believer (which I'm fine with🤷), but note that Islam is the first ever religion and when it came it was not to have people be scared of a divinity or whatever, neither did Christianity. Plus Christianity was never a religion😑🙄, it's men over the years that made it so, lemme say as a way to identify and differentiate the teachings about God by the disciples, apostles, men of God and all that... same goes for Islam. And I'm pretty sure that how come we have all these divisions here and there in both "religions".

    • I put religions in quotes because personally I don't really consider Christianity as one and it's because, the word "Christian" was formed out of the word "Christ" and it (Christian) was used to identify or call someone that was in Christ, i.e someone that followed and lived by the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth😌 only son of God born of the Holy Spirit 😍 through Hail Mary, the virgin and mother of men 😁😁😁😁😂.

    Thank you for your time 😊 and down vote if you learned something 🙏🙏🙏

  • Worry about life

  • @rajeev96 We always had a purpose. Religion only perverted that purpose. Fear of doing bad things? Let's see: Death for the rape victim, created flawed, sick, demanded to get well, kill a kid who insults a bald man, torture a faithful man only out of narcissism and megalomania, the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy, not rape or pedophilia; in fact pedophilia was an important part of the depraved society built around the church and it is still a problem, etc. I could write all day long.

  • @malicealice
    It had a huge influence in my early years but i follow the main rule if you feel your doing positive and good things in life then your good on any path... we all know what is wrong and right in our own prospective and stay true to yourself and follow your heart and keep pursuing happiness. LIFE IS MEANT TO LIVE NOT FOLLOW.

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