• To me it depends on the crime committed. If it's murder, worse or equivalent the death sentence should absolutely be a thing.

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  • no, cause it cant be undone

  • @wtfjudith Yes.
    To the crimes like rape, mass murder, terrorist attack, un-natural torture etc
    There should be a death penalty. Sometimes fear bring discipline amongst the people.

  • @WtfJudith YES! A life for a life!

  • @WtfJudith said in Should the death sentence still be a thing?:

    @trose18 quoting the bible doesn’t mean anything here

    That is really sad. Because what Jesus said and did there is really worth considering. He actually made a pretty good argument...

    To me personally a death sentence really doesn't make much sense. After all, isn't suicide called the easy way out? Sure it hurts to know that you're on death row, and it might scare you alot. And the execution itself may be painful too depending on how it's enacted. But it is just a moment, a short time.

    I don't mind being dead you know? Instead if I knew I'd have to stay on this earth forever, that is something I'd call hell.

    If you ask me, having your freedom restricted, and knowing you'll never get out, is a waaaay better punishment. Most people wouldn't want to be in prison. Even though I guess there are a few out there who have that kind of fetish :shrug:

    But back to the Bible: Our culture is built on the idea of individual freedom and responsibility and yes, even though it has gotten out of fashion, of repentence and forgiveness. The judicial system however fails in many instances terribly (especially in the US) to enable people to change. Instead most people go in and out and in and out again...