• To be very honest I found no difference between regular and cartoons and animes.

  • The term "Anime" was used to refer exclusively the animated works made in Japan which in itself has a unique art style. Some of the features of that art style are big eyes to accentuate their facial and emotional expression, lower frame rate and static background. These days with more and more works like Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Netflix's Castlevania, and Rooster Teeth's RWBY being made in the same art style by companies based not in Japan, the word "Anime" is used to refer any works made in that same art style.

    By the way, I need to say that not all cartoons are made for Children (Archer and Bojack Horseman) nor all Anime has a superior art (Shin-chan and Doraemon) (this is mostly due to them being made for Children; Most Children don't seek superior art and just want some laughs and gags). This is because of their art style and they both have their own pros and cons. One just needs to appreciate them both.

  • Animes are higher quality drawings to begin with, animes have more complex stories and episodes that actually relate to each other alot unlike cartoons where u can watch episode 2 10 40 3 15 and still understand the cartoon, animes have better music, animes are cartoons taken seriously basically. Forgot to mention about that the average anime will have a message to deliever to you, and that message will slowly make sense as you watch each episode till the end of it. Cartoons do that too, but from how i see it there's only certain episodes that cartoons are actually bothering with giving us moral lessons or such.

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    I'm not very sure myself but regular cartoons are made all over the world while anime is originally made in Asian countries like Japan, Korea

  • @sarah I m a big anime fan, so people who like anime feels little hurt when anime is being compared to cartoons. To be honest there is no difference between cartoon and anime definition wise. But cartoons are more primitive. Anime is mostly creation of japan which is video version of japanese manga stories. So, when we talk about anime, we mostly refer to Japanese cartoons. But art and drawing wise, there is a lot of difference.

    Anime are more bold and descriptive then cartoons. Storylines are more constructional unlike cartoons. And they are awesome...😛😁

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  • @sarah In present times
    anime comes under cartoon,
    Animation comes under cartoon.
    Animé is the Japanese Abbreviation for Animation.
    Anime is a special category of cartoon.
    Generally, It involves more realistic animation.
    While cartoon (like tom and Jerry) are just 2-D animation.
    Details are focused in anime, not in cartoon.
    Avatar can also come under anime.
    Cartoon is for kids. While anime comes in variety of genres.
    Most anime are not suitable for kids.
    And plural of anime is ANIME it is not animes, same for manga.

    Got enough differences?

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  • Animes are those cartoons that has somewhat better quality appearances(eg: Dragonball Z, Naruto, etc.) while regular cartoons are those which are probably made for toddlers(eg: Tom & Jerry, Oggy and the Cockroaches, etc.)

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