• I'm debating on a break up but I don't know what to do , any ideas?

  • @danaliz-cabello If you're saying that you're about to break up with someone, then:

    If you think that you're drifting apart, tell him and break up.

    If he's started to become rude or has a sudden mood change and doesn't respect you anymore, ask him if there is anything wrong, because there might be something he isn't telling you.

    Or, if you simply don't want to be around him anymore and want to end it there, just say that you have grown apart, and leave.

    However, if someone has just dumped you or you have dumped them, then:

    If you didn't want it to end, grab a gallon of low-fat ice cream, or whatever makes you feel better, and have a comedy movie marathon, since laughter is the best medicine, with or without friends.

    Or if you were happy with this breakup, go throw a "yay he's gone" party.

  • @jackie-green excellent advice. 🙂

  • @jackie-green thank you 😃

  • Before debating on break up you have to know what to do... because I also don't have any ideas haha😂

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