• Fairy Tail is an anime. Feel free to discuss anything about Fairy Tail here... Though what I say most of the time will be about Lucy Heartfilia and her celestial spirit magic.

  • @hebitsukaiza-ophiuchus whats your opinion on Lucy? I like how her character is made and Lucy's personalities sparks with Natsu! <3 ahhh >_<

  • @DamianLane lucy is kind-hearted and loved by her spirits just as she loved them. the thing I love about her is her spirits ( all of them, including yukino's keys ). i had a hard time collecting all this just by listening as I watch fairy tail.

    Aquarius: Hirake! Houheikyuu no tobira, Aquarius!

    Taurus: Hirake! Kingyuukyuu no tobira, Taurus!

    Cancer: Hirake! Kyokaikyuu no tobira, Cancer!

    Virgo: Hirake! Shojokyuu no tobira, Virgo!

    Sagittarius: Hirake! Shinbakyuu no tobira, Sagittarius!

    Leo: Hirake! Shishikyuu no tobira, Leo!

    Gemini: Hirake! Soujikyuu no tobira, Gemini!

    Aries: Hirake! Hakiokyuu no tobira, Aries!

    Scorpio: Hirake! Tenkatsukyuu no tobira, Scorpio!

    Capricorn: Hirake! Makatsukyuu no tobira, Capricorn!

    Pisces: Hirake! Sougyokyuu no tobira, Pisces!

    Libra: Hirake! Tenbinkyuu no tobira, Libra!

    Ophiuchus: Hirake! Hebitsukaiza no tobira, Ophiuchus!

    Plue: Hirake! Koinuza no tobira, Nikora!

    Horologium: Hirake! Tokeda no tobira,

    Lyra: Hirake! Kotoza no tobira, Lyra!

    Crux: Hirake! Minami-juji-sei no tobira, Crux!

    Caelum: Hirake! Choukokuguza no tobira, Caelum!

    Polaris: Hirake! Kogumaza no tobira, Polaris!

    Deneb: Hirake! Hakuchouza no tobira, Deneb!

    Pyxis: Hirake! Rashinbanza no tobira, Pyxis!

    i even bought her key set on ebay (30pcs)!

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