@wtfjudith said in I’m so hot right now : @hex-gosip said in I’m so hot right now : @wtfjudith said in I’m so hot right now : For duck sake it’s like 29°C at 10pm here and I’m dying! I’m a half Canadian half British bastard. I was made to conquer both the coldest Canadian winters and rainiest freezing English weather. Not this dry french furnace! The worst part is that for almost the whole day I had to keep on the trousers and BLACK top I had during my flight. A legit heat magnet. Oh and I had left my sunglasses at the bottom of the suitcase which was impossible to reach at the time so my retinas are probably completely burned by now. Oh just a heads up, this is all a topic about me clickbaiting then complaining about random shit, sorry to disappoint But I hate complaining like this so imma talk about the good parts of my day. IDK WHY BUT THERE ARE FRICKING DOGS EVERYWHERE IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE. LIKE AAAAAAAAAH Which is good cause I had to leave Pilou behind in Montreal and having all these dogs around keeps my sanity in check Yeah basically this is just me venting about my day XD You’ve just lost 4 minutes of your life. ‍️ Tke care Take some rest Stay helathy Thank you? Most wlcm TC