@stranger_danger said in Dog's Death ..."Good Dog! Good Dog!": @wtfjudith I.. I... I...I have no words to say ... I nearly dropped from my seat when I saw your pfp .. Kill it ,kill it... with fire !!! DO YPI HAVE A PROBLEM WITH COW PEOLPLE, HUH??? You are right tho ..there is few thing sadder than the finite lifespan of the ones we love. I easily get attached ...I dont think i can handle the heartbreak . Honestly same.. I have no fucking clue what I’m gonna do when my dog will go.. Okay ,A little background story : When I was a kid about 6-7 I was close with A neighboring dog ...I gave her food played with her Heh ...Rubbed her belly sat hugging her ....it was going great. & one day ,she died ..i was at school when it happened & then she was taken away . It was sudden,she was energetic the day before. I didnot even get to see her. I didnt even cry... i was so numb . I didnot understand why she was not there ...nor what others meant by I'll never see her again . The pain set in later ,for a long time everyday i went out i would autometically look around to find her...there was no-one waiting for me. My friend had left me. Oh shit that’s sad.. That was the end of my dream of getting a pet one day. Yeah sure they don’t last long.. but when they’re there with you it’s the best feeling in the world Nope I'm not getting that much attached to anything again ...Once was enough ...the heartache was astounding. I'll probably get an aquarium ...a collection of fishes so that they are all a blur to me & i dont know them individually. My first three fish died after three days under my care.. I cried like a little bitch for hours Then when the other 7 died I was depressed af after each of their deaths It's weird ..but I guess I simply love & get attached too much. smh It's fine when i play & help others pets ..but i'm sleepless if i think about getting one of my own. Strangely I dont feel like that for most people. Same tbh I dont really care when most of them enter & leave my life..but animals have a way of breaking & entering & staying in my heart.