@monross too much attached, possessive about her and fully taking responsibilities about her and not know how to be responsible for her in perticular moment.. now you ar making rules and regulations with like and dislikes toward her .spoil happen in both side you are also part of it... may be you did manipulated with lies and to be big brother Infront of little sister, egocentric isn't it ??show off not able to admit the truth for yourself you are part of her dumb numb nut head behaviour!! I think so guess so ?? she has brain to understand money don't grow in tree.. mr big brother dumb as fuck want to show off to all here,, now you are screaming and shouting like a small drunk hulk blaming your mistakes to your sister actually!! Look see how good big brother I am?? how cool I am ?? Ya dude too cool for school but grow up shut up move on !! Please I would like to hear from your sister too, her side of story then makes it circle.. situation between you and her !!