@jessicagrant said in Facts About Doggos: @WtfJudith those are 4 you :3 1 . dogs can smell your feelings I fucking knew pilou could tell when i'm sad before even i can XD 2 . dogs are as smart as 2 year old toddler aww 3 . dogs can learn more than 1 000 words wow, then my dog must be kinda dumb 4 . puppies can sleep 18 to 20 hours a day 5 . Greyhounds [breeds] can run up to 44 miles per hour 6 . there are about 400 mil. dogs in the world [good luck following them @wtfjudith] Challenge accepted 7 . the smaller dogs are the longer they live fuck 8 . A russian dog Laika was the first animal in space 9 . Dogs aren't colorblind but they don't have eye receptors for red 10 . Dogs have 3 eyelids wtf 11 . Basenji is only barkless breed of dog 12 . three of 12 dogs survived on titanic 13 . the most common health problem for dogs is actually obesity 14 . dogs can be taught to solve math problems [really simple ones tho] 15 . dogs have sense of time , and they miss you shit, now i feel bad for Pilou.. 16 . dogs get jealous when they see or smell you petting other dogs That i found out by experience XD 17 . the Saluki is oldest breed of dogs , they appeared in ancient Egypt 18 . more than half U.S presidents owned dogs 19 . Stray Dogs in russia learned how to use subways and get off at specific location to search for food 20 . dogs can suffer from anxiety oh no.. 21 . when dogs poop they look at you because they trust you and hope that you will protect them from any danger when they are in weak position Fuck, I always try to avoid looking at mine when he does cause i thought it'd be more awkward than anything, now i won't take my eyes off him when he poops i will now focus on these kinds of fact topics because you seem to enjoy it :3 Thank you Jess XD Tbh i didn't expect there to be so many at first hehe