Recette 2
Funky ckicken pie and rice

You will need
2 packs simba beef chips
10 chicken breasts
10 eggs
pasta rice
Mushroom soup powder
Worcester sauce
Soya sauce
Cheddar cheese

Boil eggs and chicken breasts

Mince eggs and shred chicken
Add back into pot with pasta rice

Boil untill pasta rice is cooked

Add 1 pack of beef chips (crushed)

add grated cheddar cheese

Add mushroom soup powder

Add soya and worcester sauce to taste

Dole out the chicken into different dishes

Choose 1 dish
Cover in 2nd pack of chips and cheddar cheese
Putinto the oven at 180 celsius untill cheese is crisp and golden
Serve with rice

Freeze the dishes you wont be using that day